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SEFA Waste Management 2011

During the summer of 2011, 3 students from the University of Amsterdam collaborated with students from the Indian Rajagiri outREACH Institute in Kochi on sustainable solutions for waste management, solving inefficiencies and health risks. Click here for their weblog.

With the support of many members of the network of "de Pellikaan", both financially and non-financially, the students were able to come up with very interesting potential solutions and they shared these solutions with many interested parties in the Kochi area.

The team got some press interest in India (see here and here).

De results of the were presented in Amsterdam on November 27, 2011 during a special meeting, during which also photos were shown that were taken in India. The proceeds of the auction of the photos and the bar will be used for funding future projects.

The final report can be downloaded here.

Project team visiting waste collectors

SEFA Waste Management 2012

In 2012, another group of students from the University of Amsterdam went to the Kochi area in India. They collaborated with students from Rajagiri outREACH and Sacred Heart College on the implementation of some ideas developed one year earlier.

The results of this project were presented at the seminar IDP Waste Management in Amsterdam on September 14, 2012. Their final report can be downloaded here.

Another waste collector

South African Female Entrepreneurship 2014

At the beginning of January 2014, 3 students from the Free University of Amsterdam leave for South Africa to collaborate with 2 students from the University Capetown on the topic of South African Female Entrepreneurship (SAFE). They keep a weblog on their website.

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